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Argan oil as a raw material
Mogador, a German-Moroccan company, provides processors with high quality organic argan oil and argan oil products in bulk, all sold in canisters or barrels.

Three argan oil products as raw material in cosmetics Besides our broad range of natural argan oil cosmetics, we offer three products as cosmetics ingredients and for Wellness use.

Special features:    >80 % mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids
Contain Spinasterol and Schotteno
620 mg/kg of tocopherols, a natural source of vitamin E, prevents the skin from ageing and dehydrating. Unsaponifiables make it a great nail strengthening treatment.
Virtues:    Against cracks and wrinkles, antioxidant, nourishing, penetrating, softening, hydrating, strenghtening, burns and eszema treatment, against acne.
Uses:    Massage, for dry skin, as facial, body, hair, hand and nail care, for soap manufacture.
Versions available:    Certified organic (Ecocert MA-BIO-602, BCS-Öko-Garantie DE-001, NOP National Organic Program (USDA), EU Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91) as well as conventional. All without animal testing.
Storage:    In a full and closed packing away from light at a temperature below 18°C.
Shelf life:    24 months from manufacturing date if stored as recommended.

Organic Virgin Argan Oil cold-pressed
Typical and light argan aroma. Yellow colour.

Organic Virgin Argan Oil cold-pressed, deodorized
Deodorized, almost olfactory neutral. Clear, yellow colour.

NEW: Organic Natural Virgin Argan Oil cold-pressed, deodorized
Deodorized, almost olfactory neutral. Clear, yellow colour.
Produced without distillates, without pressure and under low temperature.
Extra filtered with natural active carbon and with deodorized, natural diatomaceous earth.

Advantages:    2 in 1 product: Deodorizing but still a virgin argan oil.
Eco-friendly, water saving production compared to normal steam deodorizing:
No water used.
Natural content of tocopherols maintained.
Low in price compared to the Organic Virgin Argan Oil Deodorized

You may choose between our two different varieties of high quality organic cooking oil:

Premium organic argan oil made from slightly roasted argan seeds and
Superior quality organic argan oil made from unroasted argan seeds.

The untreated, cold-pressed argan oil is best used in cosmetics.
Argan oils made by Mogador are of proven quality, as they have been:
• Tested and certified organic by the DE-001 organic inspection body and by the Ecocert Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91
• Inspected in accordance with the approval procedure of the European Novel Food Regulation (EC) N258/97, item 5 and notified by the European Commission
• Tested and certified by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) under the National Organic Program (NOP)

To request our offer, please email us at: info@mogador-argan.com or fax: 0049 7121 486625.