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Our philosophy
Loyal to Tradition and open to modernity

Sophistication: Mogador's philosophy is to combine the culture of traditional working methods with the advantages of modern technology – a philosophy of social and ecological relevance.

Our philosophy arises from our understanding of the different requirements of the international market, improves the working conditions for the Berber women and results in a high quality natural argan oil with a shelf life of 24 months.

Improvement: Thanks to the use of modern materials in argan oil production, quality of the oil remains stable for several months. Moreover, as production methods have been modernized, the Berber women gained access to the technical and professional world: They are trained to manufacture argan oil using modern technology. Many of these women are attending literacy courses.

International organizations such as Oxfam Canada, the Japanese Embassy in Morocco, EU projects in Morocco and the CRDI (Centre de Recherche pour le Développement International) are calling for easier working conditions for the Berber women and for an improvement of these conditions by the use of screw presses.

Mogador promotes the use of a modern press technique using screw presses in argan oil production. What is more, our hand-picked argan seeds must be certified and from intact argan fruits exclusively. The argan seeds are cold-pressed in screw presses to western standards and then filtered or centrifuged.