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Production of argan oil and what makes ours special
Production of argan oil and what we demand from quality

Purity: The Mogador argan oil is 100% Natural and 100% Pur Arganoil Produced from Arganseeds .

Argan seeds are obtained by traditional handicraft and cold pressed to modern western standards using small screw presses. After that, they are filtered or centrifuged. This way, we assure a natural, high-quality argan oil with a shelf life of 24 months.

The high quality of argan oil obtained through modern technology has been verified by scientific studies. Even more, it has been found that, through this technology, both the oil's chemical composition and particularly its specific fatty acid balance, which is so important to our health, are preserved.

The AFSSA (Agence Franšaise de SÚcuritÚ Sanitaire des Aliments), the French Health Authority for Food Security, has taken a stand and recommends mechanical pressing processes in argan oil production.

Production stages of the Mogador argan oil:

Obtaining high quality argan seeds:

There is a name for traditional handicraft in the obtaining of high quality argan seeds: "Tafyoucht". With this method, the pulp is removed from the argan nuts before nuts are cracked. The advantage: It assures that the nuts have neither been defecated nor been fermented by goats.

To remove the seeds from the hard shell, the argan fruits are picked up from the ground, air-dried and then cracked by hand between two stones. As the Berber women traditionally do this manually, this work step is the most laborious. Obtaining the seeds for one liter of oil may take as long as 17 hours.

The second step is the oil coldpressing:

We use a modern cold-pressing technology to western hygiene standards.

Gently and in a modern production process, the argan oil is cold-pressed with the seeds not being roasted and no solvents being added. You may use this high-quality, natural argan oil for cosmetics. It has a shelf life of 24 months. In another modern pressing technique, classic argan oil is made of lightly roasted argan seeds. This oil can be used for cooking or eaten purely.

The modern pressing on small screw presses results in a natural organic argan oil with a shelf life of 24 months with its important ingredients being preserved.

Please note that industrially produced oil made of argan seeds using Hexan cannot be referred to as argan oil.